3 methods for reapplying keyframes


Motion 4 New Features Overview

Reflections and Shadows

New Camera Features

Credit Tools

New Text Tools



Motion 3 Tutorials from me (that aren't on MacBreak Studio)

The Reflection Effect (Motion 3)


Animating Photos


3D Cameras and Photoshop Layer Part 1


Cameras and Photoshop Part 2


Animating Text Highlights


Motion Video Tutorials from Andy Neil

blocks_imageRotating Earth

blocks_imageStar Wars Crawl

blocks_imageHear Monitor

blocks_imageVideo Wall




Motion 3 Video Tutorials from dvcreators.net

blocks_imageJosh Mellicker at DV Creators provides a tutorial on Motion 3's motion tracking feature.

blocks_imageAnother cool little web video tutorial. Very nice overview of the different light options and how they work.


Motion 3 Video Tutorials from motionsmarts.com

Use Tracking to Create a Write-on Effect

http://motionsmarts.com/tutorials/matchmove1/...Tracking Example