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 Shapes Pack: Everyday Shapes

Works in Motion 3, 4, and 5

$9.99 (digital download)

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Motion's Shape objects are incredibly versatile and powerful. You can adjust their edit points, style them using the outstanding style presets, and animate them with Shape Behaviors to write-on, wriggle, and spread out or assemble - even in 3D space.

Here is an 8-minute movie that shows you the basics of the power of shapes (click on it twice to watch it directly on YouTube in full HD):
Motion includes a handful of shapes in the Library - but just the basics, like a star, a rounded rectangle, or a quote bubble. So I created a set of custom Motion shapes out of everyday objects to expand your Motion Library - my first "Motion Library Expansion Pack". These shapes make it quick and easy to spice up your motion graphics.

 This Pack includes 101 everyday shapes organized into 12 categories for easy browsing. The shapes are compatible with Motion 3 and Motion 4.

Remember, these are not simply graphics - they are Shape objects, which means they can be manipulated and animated in Motion just like any other shape object. You can:

  • Scale them as large as you like - they are vector-based objects
  • Add, delete, and adjust edit points
  • Add an outline, change the fill to a solid color, a gradient, or use a mask to fill the shape with any layer or group of layers (including video)
  • Apply Motion's incredible collection of Shape Styles
  • Animate shapes with either keyframes or use the excellent Shape behaviors, like Write-On, Wriggle, and Sequence Paint.

  • These are just a few examples of the many preset Shape Styles built into Motion that you can apply to any of the shapes in this Expansion Pack.


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    Here are all 101 shapes in 12 categories:


    At just $9.99 for the set of 101 shapes, they should pay for themselves after the very first use! 


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