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Motion 5 Training 

If you want to learn how to use Motion, you've come to the right place. These tutorials, delivered through iTunes, provide the most complete training experience you can find.

Motion 5 Fast Forward 

If you have never used Motion before, this the training for you.
Click the image to see screenshots, preview movies, and a detailed TOC.
And here is a review.

If you are already familiar with Motion 3 or Motion 4, this tutorial will get you up to speed on the incredible new Rigging and Publishing features in Motion 5. Click the image to see screenshots, preview movies, and a detailed TOC.


Motion 4 Fast Forward & Mastering Motion's Camera

If you have Motion 4, these tutorials will get you up to speed quickly, and take you deep into 3D as well.

Motion 4 Fast Forward 

Motion 4 Fast Forward is the most comprehensive, in-depth, project-driven training on the market. If you want to learn Motion, this is the tutorial you should buy. It includes over 4 hours of training on all aspects of the application. If you already own Motion 3 Fast Forward, you can upgrade to Motion 4 Fast Forward for half-price. Get all the details and see sample movies for the iTunes version here or for the DVD version here. And here is a review.

Who is this Tutorial for?

This tutorial was designed for people with little or no experience using Motion as well as for those who are familiar with other motion graphics applications but would prefer learning Motion 4 from the ground up. Lesson 1-12 covers basic Motion fundamentals, and lessons 13-20 cover more advanced applications of Motion's 2D and 3D toolset. Anyone using Final Cut Studio 3 will benefit from this tutorial including, but not limited to, Final Cut Pro editors, broadcast designers, animators, visual effects artists, producers, directors, and even graphic artists working in traditional print media.

Since it's introduction, Motion has revolutionized the approach to creating 2D and 3D animated motion graphics and effects commonly seen in title sequences, show opens, interstitials, commercials, dvd menus and more. The title of our tutorial is also our mission: to get you up to speed in Motion 4 faster than you thought possible, while empowering you with the skills and techniques necessary to confidently approach any motion graphics projects you or your clients can dream up.

Motion 4 Fast Forward is presented in 20 individual lessons with a running time of just over 4 hours. The tutorial also includes over 80 project files for following along in Motion 4. Each lesson focuses on building fundamental Motion skills such as working with cameras, motion tracking, working with particleslightsreplicatorsmasks,text and audio behaviors and more! And you'll learn all of this while creating real-world projects you can instantly put to use in your own projects.

For full descriptions of what's in each lesson, to see excerpt movies, and to purchase Motion 4 Fast Forward, please visit


Mastering Motion's Camera

Becoming an effective motion graphics designer and/or animator in Motion 4 requires a solid understanding of how to control and direct the camera in 3D space. Mastering Motion's Camera teaches intermediate to advanced Motion users all the key fundamental techniques for placing, framing, moving and directing the camera for maximum visual impact.

Mastering Motion's Camera is presented in 12 individual lessons with a running time of just under 4 hours. Each lesson teaches you the most effective ways to control your camera using framing, sweep, dolly, focus and move behaviors. You'll also learn how to animate your camera with keyframes and how to combine keyframes with behaviors. This tutorial removes the mystery behind creating popular cinematic look via Motion's depth of field and angle of view controls. And you'll learn all of this, and more, while working on project files from our Designer Templates collection. See the full Table of Contents and sample movie excerpts here.