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Brushes Floral Pack

30 Leaf and Flower Shape Styles

Works in Motion 3, 4, and 5

Just $9.99 (Digital Download)

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This Motion Library Expansion Pack contains 30 custom Brushes - what Motion calls "Shape Styles".

What can you use them for? You can use the Paint Stroke tool or any of the Shape tools to "paint" flowers and leaves with these brushes, and then you can animate the paint strokes to write on, fade in or out, scale up or down, or move with the Shape behaviors and the Sequence Paint Behavior.

There are 30 different brushes in the set including a great variety of leaves, flowers and blossoms:


These brushes are made from high-resolution images and Quicktime movies so you can use them in HD projects and use very large brush sizes:

I made these brushes by scanning or photographing leaves, flowers, and flower petals, cutting them out in Photoshop, and using multiple copies of variations on each leaf or petal to build Quicktime movies as the source for each brush. So each brush actually lays down several slightly different copies of each leaf or petal as you draw for more variety and interest.

To install the brushes, check out this video:

For a few tips on how to use the brushes, check out this video:


Just $9.99 (Digital Download)

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