MacBreak Studio: The Shape Source Secret


Back on MacBreak Studio, I share with host Brian Gary the meaning of "Geometry" in Motion and how to create some cool custom effects. Click either image above to watch.


MacBreak Studio: "BouncyCam" in Motion

On this episode of MacBreak Studio, I show Brian Gary how to create an animated camera effect using simulation behaviors in Motion. See it on iTunes here or on the web here.


MacBreak Studio: Depth of Field in Motion and After Effects

Steve Taylor and I once again do a "share and compare", this time looking and how After Effects and Motion each work with depth of field on cameras. See it on iTunes here or on the web here.


MacBreak Studio: Speed Ramping in Motion and After Effects

Steve Taylor and I face off once again with a "share and compare" between After Effects and Motion - this time we look at how to create a variable speed effect in both applications. To see it in iTunes click here; on the web click here.


MacBreak Studio: Custom Shape Styles

This week on MacBreak Studio I talk with Brian Gary about how you can create custom shape styles - fun stuff, check it out on iTunes here or on the web here.



Motion Tip: Managing Layers


MacBreak Studio: Creating Frenetic Text Animation in Motion

Returning to MacBreak Studio, the charming Brian Gary and I discuss creating a fun text animation style in Motion. See it on iTunes here or on the web here.


Apple Motion & Cinema 4D: The 3D Motion Graphics Pipeline

I'm presenting a free 1-hour webinar on Tuesday, August 10th which discusses how to use Motion with Cinema 4D to create 3D motion graphics. It has a special focus on getting After Effects users up to speed with Motion quickly. For the full scoop, you'll want to attend my one-day session in Sante Fe, New Mexico in October.


MGFest SF: Master Motion's Camera in San Francisco this Friday 7/30

As part of MGFest, I'm teaching a one-day hands-on class on Mastering Motion's Camera this Friday in San Francisco. 10 spots only! Get the nitty gritty here and come have some fun!


MacBreak Studio: AE & Motion Share & Compare

Steve Taylor joins me in a spirited discussion about you can work with cameras in both After Effects and Motion. Watch it in iTunes here or on the web here.

Mastering Motion's Camera Excerpt

Motion 4 has some great features for controlling the camera. In this excerpt from my Mastering Motion's Camera tutorial, I show you how to change the camera's angle of view to create interesting visuals.  You can also play this movie on your iPad.










Motion 4 - Using Angle of View (Movie)


Learn Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Color, and DVD Studio Pro

If you are a Final Cut Pro user who has yet to dive into the other applications included with Final Cut Studio, have I got the class for you. For the fourth year in a row, I'm teaching a one-week intensive Final Cut Studio Integration class for Digital Media Academy at Stanford University this summer. Dates are Monday July 12 to Friday July 16. There are only a few spots left. Check out the details here.


New Motion Tutorial: Mastering Motion's Camera

Just released this evening, my latest Motion tutorial! This is an intermediate to advanced tutorial that explores how to use Motion's camera in 3D space, in-depth. For details, table of contents, and movie excerpts, head on over to


MacBreak Studio: Morphing in Motion

On MacBreak Studio I show Brian a cool morphing effect you can do in Motion using Optical Flow. Thanks to Zak Peric, who runs the very cool site Embryo, for this tip. See it in iTunes here, or on the web here.


MacBreak Studio: Ok Go Effect

Back on MacBreak Studio, I show Brian Gary how to create the effect used in the OK Go Video. to see it in iTunes click here; to see it in a browser, click here.


New Template Pack from

The smart folks at have released a new pack of templates - called Drop Zones Volume 2, they are "in and out" templates that work as transitions. Very cool. Check them out here.


Intro to Motion 1-day class in San Francisco


If you are brand new to Motion and want to get a good grounding, this may be just the class for you - if you live in the Bay Area, anyway. Use discount code "Motion" at checkout - take advantage of it.


New Motion Designer Template - "Screenplay"

Today Ripple Training has released our newest Motion template called "Screenplay" - it is our first true 3D template - this means that Final Cut Pro editors can add a customizable 3D template to their project without opening another application - truly incredible. The template comes in 5 different animation styles and 3 different formats for each. Check out the details here.


Animating an Underground Map

I came across this very interesting tutorial on how to create an animated underground ("subway" for us U.S folks) map by Thomas Prinzivalli on the AE Tuts site. What's also interesting are the comments at the end of the tutorial. True, it's a Motion tutorial on an After Effects site, but the comments seem really over the top to me. After Effects, Motion - they are just tools, everyone!


MacBreak Studio: Motion Font Tricks

Back on MacBreak Studio, I discuss several font-related Motion tips with Brian Gary. See it on iTunes here or on the web here.